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Thursday, March 3, 2016

About Elementals

BattleBeast Breedables - About Elementals 03-01-2016
Elementals are now part of the genetic makeup of every dragon.
The Elementals are: Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Spirit.
Every dragon has a value for each and every of the Elementals. When the value is 1.20 or above,
it is displayed in the text chat from the dragon touch-menu "Stats" menu choice.
When an Elemental value is at or above 1.20, it is counted as a Trait.
The Elementals have numeric ranges, as follows:
  between 0.0 and 0.4    Low
                   0.4 and 1.2    Normal
                   1.2 and 1.52 High
                   1.52 and 2.0 Very High
                   above 2.0     Ultra High
You can see the Elementals in the Stats chat output, such as this:
     Major: Earth - Ultra High (4.694)
     Minor: Spirit - Ultra High (3.748)
     Add'l: Water - Ultra High (3.343)
     Add'l: Air - Ultra High (2.901)
     Add'l: Fire - Very High (1.844)
The Elemental with the highest numerical value in each dragon is considered to be the "Major" Elemental of that dragon.
In the example above, Earth has the highest Elemental value (4.694), and so it is listed first, as the Major Elemental of this dragon.
Currently, none of the Elemental values of a dragon are known to change, during the life of the dragon.
There is a model of Elemental "dominance" when it comes to mating - related to the Elemental "wheel" model.
(Look for the Elemental badge prim object at the Main Store in the "Dragon Sundries" building.)
The "arrows" connecting the different Elementals in the "badge" indicate Elemental dominance one over another.
For example, you see the arrow going from Air to Water, indicates that Air dominates the one next to it... which is Water.
If you mate two dragons with Major Elementals....  then whose traits will count more toward the offspring?
Well... if one dragon has Air as Major, and the other dragon has Water as Major, then the values from the Air Major dragon
will count more toward the Elementals in the offspring
 follow those "arrows"...
    Air > Water ("Air is dominant over Water")
   Water > Earth
   Earth > Fire
   Fire > Air
   Spirit > all the others
Major Elementals that are the same (e.g. Air and Air) and Major Elementals that are across the wheel model from each
other (e.g. Air and Earth) are considered peers, with no Elemental dominance factor.
The Elemental values for any dragon are set at mating time of the parents (or birth time, if a Store egg, which has no parents).
If you want to greatly increase the Elemental values in offspring, then mate dragons whose Major Elementals align with that dominance model.
Consider the Major Elementals of the two dragons that are mating, based on their relative position in the Elemental "wheel" model.
There are rumors that the Minor Elemental of each dragon (the second-highest Elemental value) does affect the dragons in some way,
but this has not yet been substantiated.
For each Elemental, when two dragons mate, each Elemental is combined.
For example, the Air values are combined to a weighted average... of the two Air values in the mating dragons (e.g. 3.2 and 3.4)
think about the Elemental wheel... which dragon has the Major Elemental... and does it dominate the other?
If they are straight across the wheel from each other... e.g. Air & Earth   or   Water and Fire... then we'll actually use the average: 3.3 as our starting point.
The offspring will have a chance of getting an Air Elemental value that is in a range from "a little below" that average, to "a little more above" that average.
In our example, the range might be from 3.1 (0.2 below the average)  to 3.7 (0.4 above the average).
As you breed out generations of the dragons, in general... most of the time, their Elemental values will go up.
Sometimes they go down, in a specific mating...  but most of the time they will go up.
This is the model of how it works... and it still works for all math values... even as you get into the higher numbers.
Most people don't pay attention to the Elemental wheel and dominance... they just breed to try and get things to come out :)
But if you really want to "fine tune" it... you should consider the Elemental wheel.
And one more thing, to not leave it out... consider the -/+ range...  starting from that "average" (3.3, in our example, above)
When you're in the lower ranges, like 0.0 to 3.0.... the minus range will be small, and the plus range will be larger,
to encourage the values to climb, as they breed out. As you get up into higher values... there is a place where the minus range
and the plus range are equal... so they won't continue to climb as easily, unless the dragons ALSO has been battled up some levels.
In all traits... Battle Levels matter when it comes to breeding.
Here's some text from the "For Experienced Breeders" Notecard:
   You can battle against other people's dragons, and as you win
   battles, your XP (experience points) and Level will go up.
   The higher your Level goes up, the easier it will be for "weak"
   traits to come through. The average Battle Level of the male and
   female is used to influence the strength of the traits. As your go
   higher and higher in Battle Level, the stronger traits get weaker,
   and the weaker traits get stronger - in that animal.
We use the sloan in several places:
   Better Breeding means Better Battles
   Better Battles means Better Breeding
Copyright (C) 2016, battlebeastbreedables.com

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Eyes Blue Lightning

   Eyes: Blue Lightning

Eyes Rainbow Anniversary Limited

   Eyes: Rainbow Anniversary Limited

Red Armored Dragon

Red Armored Dragon

      Female  v2.3.3
   Age: 4.8
   Size: Normal
   Breed: Red Armored Dragon
   Eyes: White Compound
   Wings: Normal
   Tail: Barbed
   Breath: None
     Major: Spirit - Ultra High (7.706)
     Minor: Fire - Ultra High (5.851)
     Add'l: Earth - Ultra High (5.267)
     Add'l: Water - Ultra High (5.118)
     Add'l: Air - Ultra High (5.044)
      Strength: High (1.360)
      Speed: High (1.450)
      Recovery: High (1.432)

Thank you to the owner biggz deed (Dragon Claw)

Eyes White Compound

Eyes White Compound

Saturday, February 27, 2016

chat commands

Touch the dragon's tail until you see "Listening" about the head
type the command help
and you get this Chart!

help <cmd>   Displays a short help text, if <cmd> is a known chat command
Rest of the Owner chat commands, in alphabetical order:
anims on / off    Turn on Movement Animations
breed on / off    Turns Breeding on or off
breath on / off    Turns Breath on or off
 channel n    Changes the default listening channel (234) to something else.
When a listening session ends, the default channel changes back to 234.
close wings    Resets the default wing position
diagnose on / off    Turns Diagnose on or off
 flap    Causes the wings to move into the next position, and sets that as the default wing position (also see 'close wings')
fly    Causes the dragon to start flying
 head n    Moves the head into position n (1-9)
(Hydra only) head base - selects the regular head, for movement
(Hydra only) head hydra - selects the Hydra head, for movement
(Hydra only) head other - switches from one head to the other, for movement
help    Displays a list of the chat commands available to the owner
hibernate   Transitions the dragon from the the full-prim dragon to a 1-prim hibernation Chrysalis
hover    Changes the hovertext setting of the dragons. Usage: hover on|off|name|health|traits
 land    Causes the dragon to land (if flying)
listen off    Stops the 'listening' for any further chat commands
name <text>    Renames the dragon to <text>
ping    Causes any listening dragon to tell you they are listening, and their location
reset    Does a Reset of the dragon (wings, head, tail are all reset to the default starting position)
revive   Transitions the dragon from 1-prim hibernation state, to the full-prim dragon
scripts?   Starts an internal diagnostic to confirm that all the scripts are running
sleep    Causes the dragon to Sleep (use 'wake' to change it back awake)
stats    Displays the dragons Stats
tail n    Moves tail into position n  (1-9)
verbose on / off    Turns Verbose on or off
walk on / off    Causes the dragon to start or stop Walking
wake    Causes the dragon to Wake up (use 'sleep' to change it back to sleeping)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dragon Auction

Every Saturday

 2 pm  slt

The Dungeon!

Respect netiquette! Be patient and nice!
1. Switch off all sounds, animation, motion! Bring only animals that are healthy and fed!
2. Pls, keep an eye on your rent time. After 24 hours delay you will be evicted.
3. Pls, don't use decoration that doesn't fit the place and theme. Avoid very bright and moving objects. Switch off scripts.
.For example, avoid * Rotating scripts, * Flashing Lights * * Texture changer * * * Animated Textures, Sounds * * or other kinds of scripted things!!!
4. Your business sign is welcome but keep it in a decent size.
5. If you have any problem here, pls contact Fairykiss Delicioso.
- rent price is 20 L for one week/ auction, the earlier you bring your animals or hand in the notecard, the earlier it goes into spam
- once it is registered for auction is cannot be sold beforehand
- Leg and Ancient can go to sleeping Position or hibernation
- you should be there and drop the NC 20 min before begin if the auctioneer requires it
- minimum bid is 300 L, one drop ok
- consider a reasonable price, breedables cost money in food and rent
- 2 panels allowed per person
- 1 animal per panel allowed unless they are full siblings or obviously a breeding pair or group in a box - Please ask the auctioneer!
- please don't forget a 10- % -after- sale tip for the auctioneer